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Life is Tidal

Loch Eriboll
[58.509161563225916, -4.67189926972095]
Mandy Haggith

The following poem (and pieces of poem-ish writing) was written using the words and phrases of project participants in meetings and interviews, some online, some in person, in response to questions about their experiences of swimming, paddling and sailing around the coast of the northwest Highland Geopark area (i.e. the north coast and west coast…

She used to swim almost all year round

but she’s slowly growing older.

She used to love being out on the water

but these days she gets seasick.

She’s been in boats ever since childhood

but now her hips won’t really let her

pull the dinghy down the beach

haul it all the way back in again. 

She frets about her grandkids out on paddleboards

but they just say she used to do far wilder things.

Though she plays less in the sea, creatures

from the loch keep coming up to her.

Sea gives forever. Tides are vital.

Sea carries us away. Life is tidal. 

(with thanks to Lotte Glob)