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Stoer Head
[58.24154196643571, -5.401924231181435]
Mandy Haggith

The following poem (and pieces of poem-ish writing) was written using the words and phrases of project participants in meetings and interviews, some online, some in person, in response to questions about their experiences of swimming, paddling and sailing around the coast of the northwest Highland Geopark area (i.e. the north coast and west coast…


reading the hidden coastline 


how close the birds come when you’re drifting 


learning to live a liquid life


the sea tells us, just be safe out here 

(With thanks to Andrew Whyte, Angus Murray, Ken Nicol, Laura Hamlet, Mike Orr, Murdo MacPherson, Paul Goodall-Copestake, William Goodall-Copestake)